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Our Smart IPTV Player represents an advanced player that operates using user-generated playlists. We do not supply any actual playlists or content. There may be instances where we offer dummy playlists with simulated content or open-source material under creative commons licenses. These are provided as illustrative samples to assist users in understanding playlist formats better.

This application is intended for use with playlists containing legal content that users personally own or have created. It is your responsibility to verify the legality of the playlists and content you create. You must ensure that you possess full rights to use and/or RECORD the content.

We shall not be held accountable for the inappropriate use of copyrighted or third-party content facilitated by our software. Please ensure that your content usage and recording rights are in accordance with the law.

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Our Smart IPTV Player is not affiliated with any third-party providers whatsoever.
Users are required to source their own content.
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